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In Remembrance of Martyrs a Century Ago: Set

 Mr. Sik P. Wong has devoted over a decade to researching relevant information, resulting in this massive 800-page resource. Written in Chinese, it contains over 700 photos of people, places and original documents. Future generations will examine this in-depth historical record and find an objective story of the Boxer Uprising. Included ae revealing excerpts and firsthand accounts such as:

• Emperor Guangxu's critique on the Boxer Uprising,
• Memorandums to the Emperor by Li Hongzhang and other imperial officials,
• Pronouncement of judgments against those who murdered the missionaries,
• Personal notes and letters of the martyred missionaries,
• Great Britain's diplomatic documents,
• Editorials written by Chinese officials and community leaders, and
• Settlement records written by mission organizations that had sponsored the martyrs.
China has flourished in the 21st century into an influential and mighty nation. This volume will allow its people to revisit the Boxer Uprising period with fresh insights for discerning minds and open hearts.

Main Book is printed in Traditional Chinese. The pamphlet and the Martyr Chart are bi-lingual English/Chinese. USE CODE DPSPECIAL and save 35%!

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