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Born For Battle

by R. Arthur Mathews edited by M.E. Tewksbury

Dr. Neil Anderson of Freedom in Christ Ministries writes in his foreword:

"There was a time I thought I could explain the world through the grid of my Western rational and natural world view. When I turned to Christ for my own salvation, I was taught how to explain the failure of humanity by the nature of the fallen world and the ongoing struggle with the flesh. I learned about the kingdom of God but was taught little about the kingdom of darkness. Then someone put Arthur Mathew's book 'Born for Battle' in my hands and I began to understand the nature of the spiritual battle that believers are called to engage in. `Born for Battle` is one of those Christian classics that needs to be read again and again by every generation. I trust it will do as much for you as it has done for me."

156 pages

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